Creative Ways to decorate your home with soy wax candles

Someone said "Let there be light" and candles came right into the picture, saving the day (and the evenings and the nights). 

In interior decor, candles evolved from a basic humble source of light to get through the darker hours to a more aesthetic essential in the recent few decades. From gifting to decorating, candles have become the chosen ones. There's a myriad of options to choose from, scented, and unscented, votives, candles made of various wax types - the list goes on. Decorative candles have made quite the buzz and we're all hooked to them. Talking of which, here are our recommendations for decorating a space with Soy Wax Candles.   

  • Use Your Soy Wax Candles As The Focal Point In A Space: Take advantage of the ambient lighting effect candles exude and use it to create a captivating focal point that's hard to miss. You can always use a central position to start with but there's no hard and fast rule when it comes to being creative. Make use of accentuating props like candle stands or holders. You can create a cluster of soy wax candles varying in shape, size and colour, and bring attention to your most loved spot in the room.
  • Enhance Your Home's Overall Aesthetic With Soy Wax Candles: Because candles are truly versatile decor essentials, incorporating them into your home's aesthetic is a breezy affair. All you have to do is make room for some candle-lit spots within the prevalent decor arrangements. You can achieve this by adding votives to your space. Another way of doing it is with the use of sconces and bringing in a little Victorian vibe into your decor. Playing with a variety of candles, be their shape or colours also add tremendously to the appeal. 

  • Let the scents take centre stage: Nothing beats scented soy wax candles in the decor game (or even gifting for that matter). There's a blissful feeling attached to fragrances and ambient lighting coming together. An amalgamation that's a semblance of comfort & luxury - a sweet escape from the mundane. A pro tip to achieve this transformative aesthetic at home is to nail the placement of your candles according to the spatial arrangement of things in a given space. Ensuring that the candles are not too spaced out or too bunched up will give you an optimal setting that will have everyone swooned. 

  • Recreate the candle-lit romantic ambience narrative: Soy wax candles are the kings of mood lighting. Throw in some scented ones in the mix and you'll have yourself a space straight out of your dreams. Be mindful of placements when using scented candles to fully enjoy the aromatic aspect of the setting. This is a bright and beautiful idea for decorating your baths and making your self-care time or a romantic rendezvous even more intimate. 

  • Create a relaxing space with soy wax candles: Scented candles are an unmissable component in aroma therapy. Essential oils-infused candles make the perfect decor must-have if you're looking at having a space dedicated to relaxation and healing. From your bedroom to the lounge area or a specific meditation room, incorporating candles into all the aforementioned settings will not just add to the aesthetic aspect but elevate the sensual appeal of the same to a manifold. You can extend this idea even to your reading nook or study and feel a wave of ease wash you down. 


Decorating with soy wax candles is like the gift that keeps giving - the more you explore, the more you discover. The potential for experimentation with this way of decorating is endless. By keeping in mind only a few fundamental key pointers such as placement, a certain type of colour combinations and a few genuinely striking fragrance combinations, you can create new realms in your sweet living spaces. Our love for decor has forever kept us obsessed with the brilliance and versatility of candles as decor items. This is why we strive to bring to you a wide range of tasteful soy wax candles that will aid in your endeavour of accentuating your interiors from enticing, to playful, to paradisiacal worlds of your own.