Benefits of Soy Wax Candles - Bliss Décor

What are soy wax candles?

Soy wax candles are 100% vegan and environment-friendly, made with natural soy wax and essential oils. These candles come in a variety of scents. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also are non-toxic and give a soothing effect.

Soy wax candles v/s Paraffin candles

You're probably wondering why use soy wax candles when we can use regular paraffin candles.-  Here’s the reason why!

Soy wax candles

1. Soy wax candles are more durable because they last longer.

2. Non-toxic & made with essential oils and herbal ingredients.

3. It is safer for children and animals around us to breathe properly and has fewer chances of causing allergies.

4. Environment-friendly & made from renewable resources.

Paraffin wax candles

1. They are highly likely to burn faster.

2. Releases black soot and harmful fumes, the byproduct of removing the waxy component of crude oil.

3. Paraffin contains allergens and can lead to health issues such as asthma and lung cancer.

4. It is made from petroleum and is not renewable.


Scented soy wax candles with essential oils by Bliss Décor

Bliss Décor is a home décor brand that manufactures exquisite handmade products. Our products are made of 100% natural resin. Resin art is the creation of art objects from epoxy resin. 

What makes Bliss Décor soy wax candles special from the other brands? 

Bliss Décor specialty is that they take inspiration from the regular world to make elegant & classy handcrafted products. We strive to create lively and intriguing interior conditions in their clients' spaces.

In the world of extensive chemicals and toxin use in the products. We sincerely choose to make natural and vegan products for their customers. Bliss Décor soy wax candles are made free of synthetic fragrance and wax and were designed with your health in mind.

Exceptional quality and made-in India. Our vegan and cruelty-free candles are packaged in recyclable packaging and come in glass jars made in India. 

Bring your home the solace and calming effect with vegan soy wax candles. The overall effect of Bliss Décor candles is delightful and filled with tranquility. As, they bring a lot of thought to nature; relaxation that you require for self-care.

There are candles available for a variety of moods, occasions, and sentiments. Here to give you nothing but cozy vibes and make your space visually appealing. Choose a better & safer option for yourself with Bliss Décor handmade & vegan products.

We would love to know what makes your home vibrant & aesthetically pleasing but gives you a warm and welcoming feeling at the same time.

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